Welcome to the Composition Theory Class Blog

This semester, the blog will be your collective space for processing the reading prior to coming to class. What should you include in your blog:

  • Most entries should perform basically what old school reading reflections did (if you’ve done those before): they should try out arguments. In other words, while the entries will likely be about a page in Word, they should have something like a thesis, work to bring some preliminary evidence to the table, often summarize in brief the main argument of the piece read, evaluate the claims the author makes where appropriate, and, particularly as the semester progresses, synthesize other sources with the readings for the day. Those sources might even be sources the rest of us haven’t read, as long as you give us enough summary of the outside source’s argument in your synthesis. One or more of your blog posts might develop into your seminar paper.
  • Additionally, please put questions emerging from the reading or from your “writing to learn” at the very end of the post so I can easily collect them to bring to class for discussion.
  • Tag your blog with your last name for easy sorting

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